Building Structures

Framing and structure materials you can trust are the best quality around. 

Every strong metal building structure needs high-quality components. From studs to posts to lumber, you can trust that you’re getting the best materials in the industry for your project.

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Product Highlights


Easy to Install
The exposed fastener style is easy to install and doesn’t require special tools.


Because it’s easier to install, it’s less expensive than the concealed fastener style.


From fasteners to metal panels, our materials are the highest quality.


Wind & Fire Resistant
Interlocking panels and Class A fire rating make metal roofing wind and fire-resistant.


Energy Efficient
Metal roofing eliminates energy waste and results in lower energy consumption.


Outstanding ROI
Metal roofing can increase the value of a home or building between 1-6%.

Select Your Panels

Whether roofing or siding, choose the panels and building materials you need for your project then request a quote and share your timeline.

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Choose Your Customization

We offer metal trim, roofing, and siding in various profiles, and because we cut trim on-site, you have unlimited design possibilities.

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Pick Your Color

Invest in premium 26 or 29-gauge metal panels that feature Sherwin-Williams' 40-year silicone-modified polyester coating.

Download our color chart to view all of our color options.

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Exceptional Buying Experiences

Don’t worry or stress about getting what you need for your next project. We promise an effortless buying experience.


Work With the Best Building Materials

Get the quality materials you need for metal roofing and siding from a manufacturer you can trust.

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